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Our Vision is to become a leader in global IT services by providing value-added high quality IT solutions to our clients in various segments, by combining technology skills, domain expertise, process focus and a commitment for long term client relationships. To provide superior, proactive solutions & services to markets globally, while providing cost-effective, responsive services to others in our role as a development firm, and in so doing, meet the requirements of our customers.

We achieve Leadership in Customer Value Creation through Integrity, Innovation and Quality. Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is the first priority at Excel Soft Services. To provide opportunities for fresh talent, nurturing their technical, non-technical skill sets to be productive information technology experts as well as good individuals. To partner with reputed organizations for providing better services with expanded service range. Build a globally respected information technology institution that partners with clients to enable them to transform their businesses so that they get closer to realizing their vision and become a leader in their industry.


Our love and dedication to what we do enables us to become a better company for ourselves, for our clients, our community and the world. We aim to: establish strategic partnerships with our clients while fulfilling our employees' aspirations; create a business impact and become a competitive advantage for our clients, by virtue of our world-class and cost effective service delivery; and, create an extended family environment for our employees and propagate a fun culture while preserving our core value system. To be the global leader in IT Services. Building on our technologies, competencies and customer interests, and creating value for our stakeholders and customers. We'll achieve this by focusing on the intersection of our client's emerging needs and the acceleration of business and technological change.

Our commitment to innovation keeps us focused on the future and being ready at every level to service change. Help customers improve their company performance by providing world-class solutions via business and IT capabilities that leverage our globally integrated team of thought-provoking, passionate professionals. We develop quality software solutions utilizing ideas, people and technology. Excel Soft Services has been able to provide leading edge software solutions to a variety of clients at a price point enviable by others.

Our Culture

We attract talented, passionate, and committed people who share the essential core values that define our organization: integrity, honesty, quality, customer focus, commitment, passion, and product excellence. We thrive in a flexible and dynamic work environment founded on openness and communication. We embrace diversity, nurture innovative ideas, and encourage every employee to be an active architect of a better organization. Our culture supports our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, builds camaraderie within the employees and encourages innovative thinking that creates business impact for our clients.

This is the reason why we have succeeded in building many long-standing client relationships, while making work challenging, enjoyable and rewarding for our employees.
  • Nurture Merit & Continuous Improvement: We believe that acknowledging and appreciating effectiveness at the given responsibility is the key to foster merit. We entrust responsibility and opportunity solely on the basis of potential and attitude. We take measures to consistently improve our knowledge bank as well as our attitude, skill base and cultivate a need for constant career progression.
  • Inspiring the teams: Assembling and inspiring the teams is the major success that we have achieved and we always try to retain same standards. We have always valued employees and have encouraged our managers to lift the passion up among themselves and their team members. We let our employees understand their core competencies and prepare them to achieve excellence in their endeavors.
  • Character: We believe that not only efforts can make an individual successful; it is the character energy which plays an important role in the success of an individual. Every employee working with us possess the character energy which makes him / her a better person.
  • Our People: People before anything else have been our motto. We make continuous efforts to provide a sense of community, security and mutual trust. We treat our employees with warmth, dignity and respect.
  • Customer Focus: We take responsibilities beyond the immediate deliverables. At the base of our success lies the deep understanding of the customer's time, cost and quality expectation.

Spirit of Excel Soft

An indivisible synthesis of an intensity to win, acting with sensitivity, and being unyielding on integrity at all times depicts the spirit of Excel Soft Services.
  • This is the desire to stretch, to achieve that which seems beyond our grasp. This is aiming for maximum. This is the ardor to do our best, the hunger to be the best. This is the devotion to challenging our limits; it is about realizing our potential, and about expanding our potential.
  • It is not about winning at all costs. It is not about winning every time. It is not about winning at the expense of others.
  • It is about working together to create synergy. It is realizing that I win when my team wins; my team wins when Wipro wins; and Wipro wins when its customers win, when its stakeholders win.
  • It is about innovating all the time. It is a continuous endeavor to do better than the last time.
  • It is the Spirit of fortitude, the Spirit of never letting go... ever.
  • Learning, that each individual would like to grow, that every individual strives for a meaningful life and is intrinsically driven to do his/her best. Therefore, true respect means creating conditions in which every individual grows to realize his/her promise and potential.
  • We are responsible for, and have an obligation to live in harmony with, our ecological environment. We should actively act to preserve nature, and refrain from any action that harms ecology.
  • Integrity is a commitment to searching for and acting on the truth. "Truth" is a word with many manifestations - it means keeping one's word; it also means understanding and realizing one's highest vision of oneself.
  • On integrity, there will be no compromise… we will always act to establish the foremost standards of honesty and fairness.
  • Integrity is a beacon. It is what guides us, gives us direction... it is not a straitjacketing laundry list of do's and don'ts.


We are located at Hyderabad, India.
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What Our Client's Says
Excel Soft Services is a top-notch company focused on delivering results. They are professional, timely and highly skilled. Our project was a little more demanding than we originally thought yet they handled it with ease and perfection.

- L&T Infocity

Very professional team of programmers! Many thumbs up for their work and excellent customer service! Friendly and very reliable. Prompt and fast with work. Affordable pricing. Fortunate to have them to work on my projects.

- Omega Shipping Inc

We are pleased with the quality of design that Excel Soft Services has delivered within a very tight schedule. We shall continue to hire Excel Soft Services for all our Design and Web related needs.

- NGA Group Inc

Dedicated team of programmers that are committed to excellence. I found their design capabilities to be slick and attractive to the eye. I would highly recommend them! I feel lucky that they contact us.

- Morgan Shipping

Excel Soft Services is an innovative and professional company that has provided NGA Group Inc with valuable software development services. We are very happy with our decision to use Excel Soft Services, as their expertise has translated into a distinct competitive advantage for us. Overall, Excel Soft is a great company to work with!

- International Moving

Kellett and Singleton has great respect for the technical and management capabilities of Excel Soft. Their people are highly competent, easy to work with and have delivered results that have enabled us to meet our business objectives. We look forward to a continued relationship with Excel Soft on future custom software development projects.

- Kellett & Singleton


ESS was founded in 2003 by a team of software and vertical experts, and offers a wide range of solutions in portal development and maintenance, e-commerce and WAP, and database-driven web service solution creation and maintenance.



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